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Tuesday, January 23. 2007

I'm Not The Only One

Stockgrowers urge producers to be wary of animal ID plan

The South Dakota Stockgrowers Association reminds ranchers to carefully consider the U.S. Department of Agriculture's updated animal ID plan, which may be just as unfriendly to independent producers as the previous plan documents.

According to SDSGA Animal ID Committee Chairman Kenny Fox, Belvidere, many producers have recently read or heard USDA's latest public relations message--a guarantee that animal ID will be voluntary at the federal level. "What USDA isn't telling producers is this: the states are being asked to carry out the original wishes of USDA by implementing statewide mandatory animal ID programs." Fox says that USDA sent the "cooperative agreements" to the state animal health departments in late November and asked that they be signed and returned by Dec. 18, 2006.

So, I am not the only one worried about the Federal Governments aim here. They want the states to do the dirty work so they can appear to keep their hands clean. Do they really think that we out here in the country are this stupid?

We need to maintain our vigilance to our state Legislators to make sure they don't slip through a Pro-NAIS bill. Eternal vigilance is the key to our freedom.

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Friday, December 8. 2006

States Ready to Continue The Fight

Is National ID Really Dead?

Premise identification and animal identification have been hot topics in the agriculture community for years now. With recent announcements from USDA regarding the fate of the NAIS and premise ID, as well as articles questioning the current status of the program, I feel it is important to remind Hoosier producers of Indiana’s current position on premise and animal ID.

The premise ID program in Indiana is not “dead.” Although USDA does not require producers to enroll in the program, the Indiana State Board of Animal Health decided that with the risks of foreign animal diseases, and bio-terrorism, the premise ID mandate was needed in our state. According to Indiana state law, as of Sept. 1, 2006, any location involved with the purchase, sale or exhibition of livestock must possess a premise ID number. Some exhibitions, including the Hoosier Beef Congress, are requiring all exhibitors provide their number to register.

I've been concerned with the USDA backing off the mandatory aspects of NAIS, the states would be forced to pick up mandatory NAIS by the Federal Government. Hell, it doesn't even take the feds to pressure them as you see. Indiana is going ahead with Mandatory premise registration without the USDA pushing them. What's next, mandatory id?

Anyone who cares about freedom needs to be aware of these state efforts and fight them. Fight the good fight, write those state officials and let them know you think mandatory NAIS is wrong and not to push it. Our voices are the tools to fight this.

An ear tag never stopped a disease, people just think the ear tag does.

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