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Sunday, May 7. 2006

Why NAIS Now

NAIS to deal with BSE not A-OK

Shortly after another "mad cow" was discovered in Alabama, there was a rash of articles in the press citing the event as convincing evidence that the USDA's National Animal Identification System should move forward as quickly as possible. Nowhere did any of the articles mention that the NAIS will do nothing to prevent, control or even slow the disease. (emphasis added)

Bovine spongiform encephalopathy, or BSE, widely known as "mad cow disease," is a chronic, degenerative disease affecting the central nervous system of cattle. BSE takes years to develop in cattle, not days or weeks. Moreover, the disease is not contagious. The USDA says: "It's important to note that [BSE and related diseases] are not communicable diseases – they do not spread easily like viruses."

If this disease, promoted as justification for the NAIS program, is not contagious, why, then, is it necessary for the USDA to construct this massive program to register every premises that houses any farm animal, tag each animal with an electronic monitoring chip, and track every off-premises movement of every animal through a centralized database?

This is the same question I have been asking. Why do we need this massive invasion of our privacy for a non-communicable disease that isn't a problem, by the USDA's own admission, in the US? I think this answer's it.

The corporate giants who dominate the major trade associations, pay expensive lobbyists and fill the campaign coffers of politicians are the real instigators of the NAIS. These are the only people who will benefit from this program by streamlining their vertical integration of the marketplace. In the end, it is the consumer who will pay the increased costs at the supermarket.

Same thing I have been saying, the big meat packers are going to be the big winners here. They are using the money from their bank accounts to buy the USDA officials and politicians they need to get this instigated for their benefit and to the detriment of consumers and producers.

Where might this lead in the long run?

There is another, more serious negative effect. If the NAIS can be constructed to trace the origin of animal diseases that may threaten human life, why not use the system to trace human diseases that most certainly threaten human life? Why not require an electronic chip to be placed in every AIDS victim, or every flu victim, or every released felon? A system that can trace the movements of every animal in the nation could surely just as easily trace the movement of every person in the nation.

Don't laugh or think for a moment that there are not those who believe this kind of system would be a major improvement over the disorderly "freedom" that Americans enjoy. Political uproar would block the program in an instant were it being openly developed for people. But once the program is developed for animals, the next step is a very small step, indeed.

Again, the same thing I have said here before. It's just a small step to integrate this same system in the human population and control and monitor them the same way. Maybe this whole NAIS is a test run of the databases to perfect them for use in monitoring more mobile humans. Didn't think of that, did you? I know call me a conspiracy theorist. I'm just throwing out ideas, if they scare you that's your problem.

An ear tag never stopped a disease, but it could lead to tagging and controlling all of us.

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Wednesday, March 1. 2006

Answer The Question (If You Can)

The other day I come across a post talking about opposition to NAIS that had this quote in it.

the public outcry in support of National Animal Identification System (NAIS) is comparable only to the public outcry in opposition to NAIS.

I very politely posted that following comment.

You make the statement, "public outcry in support of National Animal Identification System (NAIS)." I was wondering if you can support this statement with facts. I have never seen anywhere where there is public support for this. The government would lead us to believe there is but I have never actually seen it. I would appreciate the facts to back up your statement.

I have yet to receive any answer from the person that posted this, cyoung-puyear, and am still waiting. Is this such a hard question to answer? Support your position with facts please. Where is this "public outcry" in support of NAIS? Can anybody out there answer this question for me.

An ear tag never stopped a disease, it just causes people to lie in support of the position.

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