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Wednesday, March 29. 2006


It looks to me like more and more people are waking up to the threat Nais means to us all. In Alabama a candidate for Governor is speaking out against NAIS and in Tennessee a lawmaker is fighting the Governor and administration to stop NAIS and go with the more sensible metal tag herd ID. This would be like the present Bangs tag and identify a cow to a herd. New herd, add another tag. Easy, no muss, no fuss. Traceable if necessary for BSE or any other disease.

The problem with this idea in most people's minds? It's not "high-tech." It's a simple idea all ready in use which could be adapted at low cost for herd ID. The right solution for the right problem.

An ear tag never stopped a disease, but it sure brings interesting ideas to the front burner.

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Saturday, March 11. 2006

Texans Opposing NAIS

I have been reading some about Texans fighting the state NAIS and applaud those that are fighting it and wish them well. Maybe I have been dropping the ball here on this by not mentioning it here before but I am busy enough I just haven't gotten it done. A good place to go to check up on what is happening in Texas is Texas Animal Health Commission Watch which I have added to my Websites of Interest. They are fighting the good fight and more Texans need to rise up against this and get it stopped.

I will particularly point out the article at Texas Animal Health Commission Watch from Mary Zanoni, Ph.D. (Cornell), J.D. (Yale) as a good read on the whole NAIS issue.

Comments on NAIS Draft Program Standards and Draft Strategic Plan

I have added this to my Pages of Interest on the right for easy access should anybody need to reference it again. Go check out how the Texans are fighting this and support them. They need all the help they can get. We get this shutdown in one state maybe the rest will get the hint to stop shoving this down our throats.

An ear tag never stopped a disease, but it sure has the Texans up in arms over their oppressive government.

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Sunday, February 26. 2006

Texas people are stopping NAIS

State's livestock registration system on hold

State animal health commissioners, flooded with public comment, have opted to postpone indefinitely the start date of the livestock premises registration program.

The Texas Animal Health Commission chose to delay the proposed program, originally scheduled to become mandatory July 1, during a meeting Feb. 17 in Austin. Commissioners will take it up for consideration again during their next meeting, the date of which is pending based on finding a hotel with an adequately sized conference room, commission spokeswoman Carla Everett said.

This just shows that working together we can slow and stop this unjust law from taking affect. Good job Texans.

An ear tag never stopped a disease, but it sure motivates people to fight an unjust law.

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