No Mandatory Animal ID

Wednesday, April 12. 2006

Not Mandatory, Yet

USDA Outlines Plan, Benchmarks for National Animal ID Implementation

A new proposal from USDA outlines timelines and benchmarks for the establishment of the National Animal Identification System, along with a plan for the initial integration of private and state animal tracking databases with NAIS. Over the next two and a half years USDA wants 100% of premises registered and new animals identified and 60% of animals less than a year old to have complete movement data.

This may look like a story about the USDA's plan for NAIS. I don't think it is though. It is more of a threat to those of us opposing this that if the goals of the plan aren't met it will become mandatory.

Johanns says the benchmarks are important to determine "when or if we need to do a mandatory approach," he explains. "As we hit those benchmarks, we'll see how we're doing."

The secretary continued to stress the need for industry support for a national system. If only 50% is participating, it won't get the job done, he says.

If USDA finds the voluntary approach isn't working, Johanns explains it has the authority to change the system into a mandatory one without Congress writing new legislation.

What are the goals that have to met to make sure it's not mandatory? 100% participation in the plan. Hell, even if you make it mandatory you will not have 100% participation. Take something as simple as a drivers license, people drive without them all the time and take the chance of getting caught. NAIS will be the same way even if mandatory. So simply, this is Johanns threatening those of us opposing Mandatory NAIS. Is the threat going to work? I will still keep making noise against it so it won't stop me, how about you?

An ear tag never stopped a disease, but the government sure wants to convince us otherwise.

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